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Search, find and buy the products you need from the Silk Road countries—from dishes and toys to homeware and car accessories. Also don't forget to browse the latest fashion offers and daily updates in our catalogue!

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Search with the ZoodMall app in two different ways: you can make your choice in «Popular Items», or search by a category, using available filters. The section «Popular Items» will be updated daily, based on your needs and search history.

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How does it work?

It's easy to shop with our app! Get our app on your smartphone or tablet and get access to millions of products in three simple steps!

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Customer Feedback

Despite our app being relatively new, we already have many grateful customers. Here are some of the things they say about our online store:

  • Mark S.

    Wide variety of items at very affordable prices. A lot of nice merchandise at the price below $20, especially homeware and toys. Pleasantly surprised with the quality!

  • Jessy A.

    It is so easy to look at the products, and purchase. Thanks to the safe payment you can be sure that you will be refunded within 24 hours in case your order won`t come.

  • Nicole J.

    The customer service is great communication was very easy as the support team speaks your language and provides very fast response. In case you want to return the item, you can send it to the local warehouse. I feel safe and secure shopping here.

Download Our App Now!

There are so many reasons why our customers choose ZoodMall App to shop online, to name just a few:

  • Millions of fashionable and exclusive products to meet any need
  • Simple and convenient search helps you find the product you need in just a few clicks
  • Great deals, sales, coupons and special offers
  • Free delivery for the majority of the products
  • Order dashboard and delivery notifications
  • Customer protection feature for any order
  • Secure online payment system
  • Exclusive special offers (based on your preferences and needs)
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